Working Capital

If you have capacity to grow business, we have capacity to fund your growth.

Working Capital

Accepted Collateral Security

Note: Funding on all the above mentioned properties can be in the range of 100% to 200% LTV

Working Capital

Customer Benefits by Our Working Capital Segment

New Business Funding

Businesses newly started or companies less than 3 years old can be funded. (For Example – Newly started Companies having only 1 balance sheet or even no balance sheet can be funded).
Note: 3 years business establishment (business vintage) is not necessary

LTV Can Be Given From 100% To 200%

For Example - If The Property Value Is 10 Crores Then Funding Can Be Minimum 10 Crores To Maximum 20 Crores

Importer / Exporter funding at cheap interest rates

Importer & Exporter can be funded at almost half the rates of normal working capital loan rates (All importer and exporter customers can be given this product to reduce the interest rate).

Sales dip cases considered for additional funding

Businesses whose sales are reducing can be considered on case to case basis.

Low Profitability / Loss making companies can be considered

Businesses having low profitability or are loss making can be considered for funding on case to case basis.

Special Products like Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee, Foreign Funding can be funded

Products like Letter of Credit (LC) and Bank Guarantee (BG) can be funded only under working capital. Cost of LC & BG is between 1% to 2%p.a.

Working Capital Benefits

High Obligation cases considered

(Removing EMI Burden & Reducing Interest cost of customers)

Businesses which have taken lot of funding generally Unsecured loans from various banks , they come into lot of pressure for repayment. In such businesses we can give additional Working Capital finance at average 6% to 6.50%p.a and ask them to close the Unsecured loans of approximately 18% p.a.

Note: Customers gets two major benefits in such cases:

No EMI payment (In Working Capital only interest is to be served, there is no EMI repayment, hence pressure of repayment is removed). Customers can do business freely.

Interest cost reduced from 18% to 6% (savings to customer is above 12% every year which adds to profit).

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