Machinery / Equipment Finance

Expand, Increase & Upgrade is what a new machine accomplishes

Our USP’s in Machinery / Equipment Financing

Machinery / Equipment Financing

New Machine / Equipment’s are required for company’s expansion, increasing the productivity and upgrading the technology. A machine is as a Capital Expenditure and hence costs hefty to fund. We at Benchmark truly understand your needs & helps you raise Machine / Equipment loans with comfortable repayment terms.

Our USP’s in Machinery / Equipment Financing

Customer Benefits in Machinery / Equipment Financing Segment

All Industries Catered

Most of the players in the market fund machines for selective industries only. We raise funds for purchase of machines / equipments for almost all industries.

Reducing Borrowing Cost by availing Reasonable Rate of Interest

We provide Machine / Equipment Loans provided at reasonable rates as compared to most players in market which charge hefty rates.

Working Capital provided as combo deal alongwith Machine Purchase

Since the new machine will require additional raw materials, labour, overheads and stocking levels, adequate working capital will also be provided to make best use of machine to increase its utilisation levels.

Our USP’s in Machinery / Equipment Financing

Maximum Fund Raising & Comfortable Repayment Terms

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